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The Baglama instrument which dates back to Middle Asia orginally and has thousands years of historical back ground in Turkish Culture,has formed an exceptional place in performing and transmitting our traditional music. Nowadays,the Bağlama Instrument which has widely been known and performed among traditional instruments in Anatolia incontestable, lives and has still been performed among Alevi-Bektashi music practices as well as Asıklık(Folk Pets with Bağlama) customs with hundred years of repertoire.In order to be continous of the performing customs in question and transmitting the Turku repertoire from generation to generations,The Balgama producing custom takes very important place.Thus when it is considered in this way,Sivas town has been one of the habitats for aşıks/Folk Poets and performers with its music culture in Anatolia. The research question of this study focused on is “How do they carry on custom producing of The Bağlama and by Who? This study which has been carried on by means of qualitative research techniques has been achieved by using face to face surveying technique that was formed by the researcher and it was prepared via data collecting techniques with half completed surveying form and observation. The study was carried on three live sources who were stated as The Baglama making craftsmen and interviewed in Sivas center between November30th and December 20th, 2014. The names of the source people were also declared with their personal permission. As a result of the study,two important professional problems have been found out as well as having reached some certain detailed knowledge about the traditional Baglama pruducing techniques. First of them,the process of prentice training has almost ended up and second, The Baglama Craftsmen have only taken part in production phase of the profession since they donot have any gained experience of performing it before.

Sivas, production of the baglama, baglama craftsmen, folk music

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