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Hunting has survived until today by having many changes. Hunting which had a great importance in ancient Turkish life and presented a ceremonial structure at the beginning continues it’s existence as a hobby and a means of living at the present time. Many folkloric factors about hunting has been determined such as pre-hunting preparations and practises, hunting time, situations and behaviours considered as auspicious or inauspicious when going hunting, the species and physical characteristics of the animals to be hunted, beliefs about the hunting areas, usage areas and consumption of hunted animals, practices which were made for hunting instruments, various practices which were made by the hunter for the purpose of fertile hunting and the verbal narrative types which were narrated by the hunter after the hunting. In Bayramic (Canakkale) region hunting and hunting activities maintain their belief-related and traditional aspects at the present time despite the life conditions which are increasingly modernizing and laws which has been legislated by the government. In this study, the data about the beliefs and practices about hunting which has been obtained as a result of interviews with the hunters in Bayramic district of Canakkale Province is analyzed within the folklore discipline.

Hunting, beliefs, practice, tradition, folklore

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