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Tuvans, one of the Turkic communities of the southern Siberia, have a rich oral tradition. Tuvan people started to use their own language as a written language in 1930. In this study, the words that are used in Tuvan epics but do not exist in dictionaries which represent the vocabulary of Tuvan written language have been analysed. Thereby, it is aimed to reveal these words which can not be found in dictionaries. In addition, the relationship between Tuvan folk literature and written language is also elaborated. In the introduction of the study, a general information about Tuvan epics and relevant publications is given and method of the study is explained. Then, the relationship between vocabulary of these oral narratives and written language is mentioned. Finally, the words from epics are overviewed and then they are explained in alphabetical order. The analysis has been made by comparing the vocabulary in the epics with the written language dictionaries. There is a close relationship between the Tuvan written language and the vocabulary of folk literature. Oral literature has been used as an important resource in the formation process of written language. Therefore, the relationship between the two is deemed worthy of examination. As a result of the examination, it is seen that a significant part of those words which could not be found in dictionaries are based on Tuva-Mongol language contacts. And some of the words are based on borrowings from other Turkic dialects. Depending on the nature of these texts conveyed in the oral tradition, archaicism is another fundamental reason for not existing in dictionaries.

Tuvan Language, Tuvan epics, vocabulary, oral tradition, written language

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