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A New Environment in the Formation and Transference of Riddles: Riddle Sites
In addition to entertaining and allowing the individual to spend a pleasant time, riddles, which have such functions as developing children's thinking ability, intelligence and indirect expression skills, helping them learn abstract and concrete concepts, ensuring they observe their surroundings and events more carefully and focus on details, are also seen to be moved from verbal culture environment to the riddle websites. This updating process can be regarded as normal in the face of changes in the living conditions and requirements of the new era, differentiation of the needs, interests and pleasures of the individual, and the like. In terms of transfer and reproduction of tradition, it is important that riddles, which have their own form, content, and narration, published on internet sites. This article is focused on the execution of riddles - which are created in verbal culture environment and transfered from generation to generation, and some of which are included in written literary texts - on the riddle websites. The identification and assessments regarding the execution of the tradition were made in the light of the content, aim and the target audience of the riddles sites, the presentation of the riddles on the site, the publisher/editor and the reader relationship and the comments. The starting point of the study which was based on the reviews carried out without asking questions in the virtual places on the internet is the riddle sites and which directly carry the title of 'riddle'. With this study, it was also sought to answer the question of how riddles, which are especially an important genre for children with their short, clear, and poetic structures, carry out their functions on the riddle websites.

Riddle, tradition, execution environment, riddle sites, change, function

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