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Today, Iran, which is a very important geography in terms of Turkology studies, still preserves a lot of information that is waiting to be recorded. Known dialects such as Azerbaijan, Khorasan, Turkmen, Qashqai, Sonqur and Khalaj have been studied by domestic and foreign researchers since the 1970s and the obtained data are shared with the scientific community. The Kermanshah-Hamadan line, which is one of the critical points for the Iranian Turks, constitutes the southern boundary of the Azerbaijani exchange group, except for the Qashqai dialect in the south. This line is from the north to the south and to the west is now the border region where the Turkish population is decreasing and the activity area of other ethnic groups (Persian, Kurdish, Lor and Lek) begins. With fieldwork were collationed on Sonqur of Kermanshah province and on Asadabad with Bahar of Hamadan province. The Sonqur-Asadabad-Bahar cities, which are located on a line adjacent to each other and about sixty miles away from west to east, show differences on various linguistic levels. In this article in particular, the views of the famous post / d / voice in these three variables are exemplified comparatively. In the examinations made, it is witnessed with examples that the westernmost Sonqur exchange tends to maintain the famous post /d/ voice to /r/ sound, the famous post /d/ voice to /y/ sound of the Asadabad exchange and the famous post /d/ voice of the Bahar exchange. For this reason, it was determined that the Kermanshah-Hamadan line was composed of three groups of dialects, namely the famous post /r/, /y/ and /d/.

Iranian, Southern Azerbaijan, Sonqur, Asadabad, Bahar.

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