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Stories based on short and succinct, concise but humorous events are called anecdotes. Anecdotes reflect the culture, belief and tradition of a society. These anecdotes which contain rich lingual materials are also important folk pieces that can be examined in various aspects. Anecdotes must be approached by taking the following into consideration; communications the hero in the anecdote has with other partakers, fine and humorous one-liners and presented value judgments. In such, lingual aspects of anecdotes must be approached in line with following aspects as well; psychological, sociological, cultural, literal etc. While on the subject, it would be remiss not to mention a powerful name such as Nasreddin Hodja. Nasreddin Hodja anecdotes which contain parts from all strides of life can be utilized to gather data on interfamilial communications and relationships. These anecdotes come with examples in regards to how interfamilial communications must be carried out, and to circumstances defective for interfamilial relationships and how to tackle them. Nasreddin Hodja anecdotes, which was picked for sampling in the study to which the document examination method was applied, were dissected under two general headings as positive and negative interfamilial communication partaking in these stories. Mentioned general headings are then divided into many sub-headings in themselves, thus allowing themes related to interfamilial communication in Nasreddin Hodja anecdotes. With this examination, negative/positive attitudes and feelings of Nasreddin Hodja and family members to each other were interpreted and evaluated within the context of communication. Furthermore, findings in relation with Nasreddin Hodja’s real life were obtained via the sampling picked for the study.

Nasreddin Hodja, communication, interfamilial communications, positive interfamilial communication

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