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Women entrepreneurs build businesses based on initiative opportunities they identify or discover. The village has a very limited life in terms of economic and entrepreneurial ecosystem. The entrepreneurial opportunities that existed in the villages are the same as those of technology, innovation, consumer preferences, etc. or have been transformed into different processes. In this process, it is aimed to understand how women entrepreneurs traditionally evaluate how their business activities are driven by market conditions. When the entrepreneurial behaviors and tendencies of the women living in the villages of Çanakkale are assessed in this framework, it is seen that especially in traditional areas, women over a certain age actively contribute directly to the family economy. In this context, especially in areas such as agriculture and livestock, peasant women are seen to play an active role in all processes from production to sale. Entrepreneur peasant women occasionally make an anchor in the field, and occasionally produce a blend of olive and wheat. Women who play an active role in all kinds of activities until the feeding of animals in milk are also directly involved in the sale of products in local markets during the sale of these products. Within the context of the living conditions of the villagers and the changing and developing new market possibilities, it seems that especially the micro-scale production of the villagers, especially the women, is very difficult to sustain the initiative activities in the capitalist economic system. Against the competitive production model brought about by the scale economy, Canakkale women entrepreneurs try to reduce their costs by making more organic production and carrying out all their activities by themselves (both production and sales process). However, with this model, peasant women are able to find an opportunity to stay in economic life. However, this process does not have much chance of continuing. New entrepreneurship models need to be supported and innovative modes of business should be supported by women in accordance with market conditions.

Peasant, peasant economy, women entrepreneurs, sustainability, eclectic model

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